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The Multicat Business Management System is the complete solution for your business combining accounting, sales, purchases, production, job cards and inventory management with your online product catalogue and website in one system.

We provide online and electronic parts catalogue software as well as a financial/ERP solution that will enable your business-to-business and end-customer e-commerce in a user-friendly environment for large and medium sized businesses.

Solution Features

Business Management System (BMS)

The Business Management System (BMS) is a comprehensive and customisable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution focussed on medium enterprises including those with franchises, branches or dealerships. The BMS addresses all functionality required for financial management, accounting, tax, customer relations, procurement, inventory and warehouse management, workshop and job cards, manufacturing, wireless barcode/scanner integration, mobile deployment, workflow and powerful interactive reporting.

Company’s switch to Multicat BMS when they have outgrown their off-the shelf accounting and business tools or have special requirements like comprehensive barcode implementations or catalogue requirements.



Multicat Online Catalogues

Multicat started with catalogues solutions in 1996 with desktop Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) software used by some of the largest motor vehicle manufacturers in South Africa. This evolved into feature rich online catalogue solutions that are easy to use but can support the requirements of complex parts catalogues with thousands of parts, drilldown assemblies, illustrations, alternatives and serial numbers.

We have a wide variety of catalogue customers in many industries ranging from medium to large enterprises. Customers choose Multicat when their requirements become too complex for spreadsheets and simple databases, or if they require integration into ERP solutions like SAP for sales or procurement.

Bulk Email Sending Service

The Bulk email sending service is an effective email marketing campaign creator. Multicat will assist in creating, editing and scheduling your email campaigns to help you to meet your business goals. The service includes sending you comprehensive reports on the results of your campaigns including open rates, click through rates, bounce rates and unsubscribe rates.


Integrated Online Catalogues​

Catalogue Building​

Build your product catalogue inside Multicat BMS. No additional software, integration or middleware required​

Easy or Complex​

Multicat is used for standard product catalogues to complex vehicle parts catalogues with drilldowns, assemblies, hotspots used by large manufacturers

Live Web

Publish the catalogue live on the web with the information you want like available stock and prices​


Customer Portal​

Show the catalogue with only contracted items and prices to specific customers​

Modern Marketing Feel​

Catalogue web designs are continuously updated in line with latest trends


Customer Management​

Easy to Maintain​

Customer and Suppliers maintenance is easy from all areas like invoices or job cards provided you have the user rights​

Customer Portal​

Customers can access their account transactions and statements via the web. They can also submit orders or buy directly from the web catalogue.​

Electronic Communication​

Send statements or notifications via e-mail or any status update and keep full record of the communication for other users​


Pricing and Discounts​

Divide customers into distribution channel like retail and wholesale. Have discount structures based on product groups per customer or have a customer’s pricing on contract​

Workflow & Approvals​

Have your salesperson create a quote but the manager approve large discounts or credit notes. Get a notification when an account exceeds a threshold.


Workflow and Messaging​


Configure multi-level workflow approvals on any document or data for example have warehouse approve purchases and director approve large purchases

Internal Massages

Receive a internal or e-mail message when a vehicle sale completed or the bank balance exceeds overdraft​


Manage system e-mail accounts like or from the system such that all communication is visible and shared​


Customer Relations

Send automated messages to customers on job card progress or reminders​

Mobile Apps​

Receive and approve messages and workflow with your tablet or mobile phone​


Dealer Management System (DMS)​


Manage vehicle floorplan
Stock Items & Sold Items


Manage vehicle trade-ins
& costs seamlessly


Easily add pictures of vehicles or
repairs from mobile phone camera

Sales, Commissions & Margins​

Comprehensive tools and reports to
manage sales reps and profitability

Workshop Job Cards​

Create repair jobcards for workshop, service plan,
warranty with direct financial integration

Schedule technicians and time​

Schedule technicians on workshop jobs,
manage time and performance

Inventory Management​

Easy Navigation​

Easily navigate item details, stock levels sales movement and pricing history as well as catalogue and illustrations​

Link Items to Franchise​

Facilitate smart search by linking items to selected franchise codes​

Live Web​

Publish the catalogue live on the web with the information you want like available stock and prices


Stock Count​

Perform stock counts efficiently with step-by-step process. Use integrate smart barcode scanners to scan bins and item count with live database update​

Stock Orders​

The system identify fast or slow moving stock that is used to create optimized stock orders​


Accounting, Cost Centres & Tax​

Chart of Accounts​

Fully featured accounting from setting up the chart of accounts to Income & Balance Statements​

Cost Centre Accounting​

Captures transactions against cost centres and draw reports like income statement by cost centre​

Enterprise Structure​

Set up complex company structures like branches or independent franchises​


Tax & VAT Reports​

Create tax reports like VAT201 reports ready for submission to Receiver of Revenue​


Enforce workflow approval on any financial document like journals ​


Interactive Drilldown Reports​

User Friendly & Fast​

Our reports are easy to use and fast to execute​


Click on the amount column and drilldown to a detail​


Click on the detail report document number to open the document to edit or maintain follow-on functions​


Export or E-mail​

Export the report to PDF, Excel or Text or copy a portion of the report to your clipboard​


View the report via our web frontend on your tablet or phone ​


Multicat Pricing

Select the package that best suite your business

Business Pro Package

R1360 per user per month
Customised Business Management & Catalog Software configured for your business
  • CRM Pro Package
  • Catalogue Package
  • Accounting
  • Customers & Suppliers
  • Sales & Purchases
  • Inventory & Assets
  • Integrated Website Support
  • Workshop Job Cards
  • Manufacturing
  • Motor Dealer Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Cost Centres
  • Tax & VAT
R1360 per user per month

CRM Pro Package

R583 per user per month
Customer Relations Management Software

  • Customers
  • Customer Communication Cards
  • Support Tickets
  • Equipment Info
R583 per user per month

Catalogue Package

R250 to R601 per user per month
Online Catalog Software

  • Items & Parts Master Data
  • Interactive Catalogue Design
  • Catalogue Maintenance
  • Web Catalogue Viewer
R250 to R601 per user per month
*Please note that we are not resellers of catalog data

Other Services


  • Bulk Email Sending Service
  • ScoreTracker

About Multicat

Multicat (Pty) Ltd was established in 1993 and is a well-established brand in the online catalogue software industry of South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. Our online catalogue solutions are used by some of the largest motor vehicle manufacturers in South Africa. Toyota South Africa was our first client and went live in 1996 with Nissan and General Motors following shortly. Today we have numerous catalogue customers in many industries that rely on our online catalogue solutions for sales or procurement with integration to SAP.

Multicat released its first version of the Business Management System (BMS) in 2007. It started as a financial and inventory management solution that integrated with our catalogue solution. It has subsequently evolved into a comprehensive and customisable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution focussed on medium enterprises.

We developed all our software in house and have a strong team consisting of software developers and business specialist that develop, implement, maintain and support the software without resellers or agents.

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